Group exercise is more popular today than ever before. Let SportTech set you up with a custom group exercise flooring solution.

In today’s social society, group exercise is becoming more and more popular which means that there are lots of new applications for group exercise flooring.  Some examples include Zumba, aerobics classes, spinning, basketball courts and much more.  If you are a gym or recreational space looking to add on to your existing facility or a new development looking for ideas on how to plan your space, SportTech has you covered.  During the initial phase, we can help you navigate through the process of selecting the appropriate flooring and then handle the installation as well.  We are your one stop shop!

SportTech is proud to be a distributor Ecore Athletic Bounce 2 flooring which features a vinyl wear layer bonded to a recycled rubber underlayment. The result is beautiful flooring that looks like real wood, but is more economical, durable, and easier to clean.

At SportTech, we offer setup for both commercial and non-commercial applications of group exercise flooring including gyms, schools, municipalities, hotels, playgrounds, physical therapy offices, resorts, corporate applications and more.  To learn more about our services and how we can get you started, contact us today.