We offer a number of rubber flooring options for you to choose from. We offer rolled rubber from basic black to exotic full color. From full rolls to to tiles to individual mats, we offer any option you need for your space.

We offer 1″ thick ultra tiles, straight edge or interlocking tiles and 6mm, 7.5mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10.5mm, 14.5mm thick rolled rubber flooring.


The Everlast Fitness Flooring family of products has been manufactured by Ecore since 1989. Each product in this offering consists of recycled rubber. Thus, the fitness floors that result perform in the same sense.

Tires are tough, which helps them handle miles of abuse. This same attribute holds true for Everlast Fitness Flooring. It’s durable, while having excellent slip resistant properties. Rubber’s inherent traits make it superior at absorbing impact force. This unique combination of attributes makes recycled rubber the ideal choice for fitness applications.

Basic Rolls & Tiles

Basic Rolls and Tiles are the “original” recycled rubber fitness floor. Available in rolls and tiles, this durable surface sets the standard for performance, quality, and affordability.



UltraTile is designed with a patented “ultra” high-density wear layer on a molded base. This 24-by-24-inch modular tile offers enhanced shock absorption against impact in moderate to extreme weight drop applications.

Performance Motivate

Tailored for light strength and conditioning, this 7.5mm surface combines a 2.5mm wear layer with a 5mm base layer. The result: a balanced distribution of force reduction and energy restitution, designed for the shift in fitness from equipment to more functional training.


Performance Rally

Tailored for heavy conditioning, this 14.5mm product combines a 2.5mm wear layer with a 12mm shock absorbing base layer, and showcases a dynamic force reduction of 35.40%. This dual durometer system is engineered to absorb the impact force related to aggressive functional training, providing an ergonomically advanced surface that works in concert with the body.


Performance Beast

Designed for heavy strength training, this 10.5mm system features a 8mm angry base layer that maximizes energy restitution. This dual durometer system is engineered to enhance durability in applications dominated by free weight training.


Performance Monster

Custom-made for extreme strength and conditioning, this 22.5mm system features a 10.5mm Performance Beast Roll field united to a 12mm ShockPad. The resulting triple durometer system combines the durability and firm footing desired in strength training with the ergonomic demands of aggressive functional training in one surface.